Program Schedule


CIMp Module 1 The Business Case for Innovation

Session 1

Mon - Feb 2


Tues - Feb. 3


Wed - Feb. 4


Thurs - Feb. 5


Fri - Feb. 6


Theme Establishing the Baseline Defining Innovation Teams, Framing & Discovery Discovery & Intro to Team Project Expectations & Resources


Complete Foursight Profile

Readings & Case Preparation

Recap & Reflections

Organization Strategy & Business Case of Innovation

Innovation Strategy & Approaches to Innovation

Recap & Reflections

Building Effective Innovation Teams - Foursight Profile

Innovation Case Study

Framing the Question

Recap & Reflections

Discovery Lenses Concurrent Sessions:

  • Trends & Discontinuities
  • Analogs, Industry Map, Technology & Core Competencies

Recap & Reflections

Team Project Working Session

Working Session & Report Out

Innovation Principles

Overview of My Projects

Intercession Requirements

Lunch Noon       Program End (12:00pm)

Welcome, Overview & Introductions

Defining Innovation

Innovation Case Study

Ten Types of Innovation

Innovation Definition & Criteria

Innovation Principles

Introduction of the Unifying Innovation Methodology™

When Innovation Fails


Introduction to Discovery

Discovery Lenses Concurrent Sessions: 

  • Customer Insights
  • Orthodoxies

Market Research Methodologies

Synthesizing Insights & Point of View (POV)

Introduction to team Project

Introduction to Not-for-Profits

Team Prep & Overview by Not-for-Profit Sponsor

Dinner & Evening Welcome Reception & Dinner Studebaker Museum Tour & Dinner Keynote Speaker: Tom Stat, Former IDEO & Dinner Working Session:Framing the Challenge & Dinner