Intersession 1 Activities

Intersession 1 Action Items

The following items are designed to enhance the learning experience of Module 1 Foundations of Innovation by taking action on the concepts, process and tools presented and to prepare for a successful learning experience in Module 2 Innovation Process and Tools.

Individual Assignments (Or completed as an organization if there are more than one participant in the program and it is relevant to do so.)

Business Case – due April 15
Develop Business Imperative for your organization (1 page or less)
(Review February 3rd presentation, Organization Strategy and Business Case of Innovation)

Innovation Definition – due April 15
Create definition of Innovation for your organization
(Review February 3rd presentation, Innovation Definition, Criteria and iIntent)

Strategy & Innovation Alignment - due April 15
Discover where innovation is aligned in your organization’s strategy.
(Review February 3rd presentation, Innovation Strategy, Approaches to Innovation, Part 1 & 2)

Innovation Approach – due April 15
Describe Current State approach to innovation and recommend a Future State approach
(Review February 3rd presentation, Innovation Strategy, Approaches to Innovation, Part 1 & 2)

Types of Innovation – due April 15
Describe the types of innovation (from the 10 Types of Innovation model) your organization currently focuses on and what types you think could be beneficial to add to your focus.

Prepare for iLab
Pre-read all discovery findings; will be distributed approx 1 week before Module 2:  discovery_findings_preread.pdf
Pre-Read for Experience Design:  Read chapter 7 (with specific attention to pages 108-118) of the book “Wake Up and Smell the Innovation” given to you.

Develop draft 1 of MyProject Charter

Opportunity Brief

Watch the following mandatory webcasts:
• Innovation Techniques: ?What If!
• Systematic Inventive Thinking-Attribute Value Mapping
• Systematic Inventive Thinking-Cognitive Fixedness
• ITC Business Solutions-Innovation and the Role of Customer Insight

The following webcasts are also very useful but not mandatory. Material from them was well covered during class.
• Strategos-New Perspectives for Innovation
• Brundige-GLG-Primary Research and Innovation

Review 101 Design Methods
Read Ten Types of Innovation (Highly recommended)
Read the other books as desired


Team Project
1. Discovery Work Plan – due Feb 20
Document your Discovery Team’s workplan – what info you plan to gather, sources of information, who’s doing what, meeting dates & times

2. Team Project Discovery Work – due May 4
• Complete Discovery assignments
• Participate in Discovery Team Project meetings/telecons
• Complete Discovery findings descriptions using the prescribed templates
(Templates are located on the website, under Module 1 Program Materials, Fri. Feb 6, Discovery Templates. Please use this format)
Send final Discovery findings to Barbara Rand (

Here is a document that includes all of the above activities: cimp_intersession_1_action_items_4.1.15.pdf

Please feel free to download and print for easy reference.